Day 141: “Mamojada” – Tazenda


Today’s song is in my opinion one of the most beautiful songs by Tazenda and it is from the first period of this Sardinian band, whose line up was: Andrea Parodi (lead vocalist), Gigi Camedda (vocals and keyboards), Gino Marielli (vocals, guitar, author of most of the songs). Parodi, with his unique voice, left the group in 1997 for some solo projects, I will soon suggest something about him. Currently there is another great lead vocalist, Beppe Dettori.

Tazenda’s sound has always been peculiar for its folk influence and a wide use of sampled sounds (launeddas, a tenores choirs) which evoke the wonderful land they come from; their lyrics are almost always in Sardinian language. Mamojada is the first track of Murales, the album which made the band be known and appreciated out of Sardinia, especially because of the collaboration with Pierangelo Bertoli in the famous track Spunta la Luna dal Monte.

Click here to read Mamojada lyrics in Sardinian and Italian.



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