Day 54: “Silent Film” – Dog Fashion Disco


The band suggested today, who is no longer in activity since 2007, is absolutely incredible from the musical point of view. A metal background on which they tried experiments with several genres, following each other and mixing together even inside the same song, with sudden and total changes of sound. It seems for a while like you are at a metal concert, but one second later you are dressed up in 50’s style listening to live jazz in an american bar. And you’re not crazy.

If today’s song and video do not leave you indifferent, please thank Donato, (who is crazy instead), my irreplaceable friend and blog reader who has suggested this track, which comes from the album Adultery, 2006.

For further info regarding Dog Fashion Disco you may want to visit their Myspace. So here you are with today’s video!


Purr pussycat you have so many lives to live
Claws out dig deep and scratch away the skin
You know you own the night so go howl under the full moon
These streets are filled with killers and comic book goons

This is your life, flashing before your eyes
All the riddles and rhymes, echo in your mind
It looks as though the joke is on you, as your blood runs cold and the plot Thickens, inside the mind of a killer, this could all be yours

Circling spirits, loom above the autopsies
Sinners and saints fail to communicate
Unforgiving eyes, confessions caught on tape
Wish me luck im going in never to return

Blood tests and x-rays are clear, your results came back terminal
Nothing is saving you now, at your deathbed confessional
Nurses with baby doll eyes, don’t bother to fake a smile
Voices of victims left dead, echo like hospital halls

As you wipe your tears away, and the credits begin to roll

You will never be the same, dead silence in your brain
Climactic and so cliche, like love scenes in the rain

Silent film reel, horror pig squeals, a child’s nightmare- help me
Meeting deadlines making headlines
And if you are a good girl i will set you free
I’m just kidding, none of its true

From this lonely padded cell
To the crowded gates of hell



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