Day 164: “Derezzed” – Daft Punk


Even if they haven’t released many album, all of Daft Punk publications were successful. Today we suggest a song taken from the Tron Legacy movie soundtrack, entirely produced by the Parisian duo that has made the history of electronic music.

This is not properly their last album, but just a whim waiting for their return in music scene, postoponed to undefined date. A Disney whim not so well received from the critics, which don’t see nothing really interesting in this soundtrack, and recognize Daft Punk style  only in two tracks, End Of Line and Derezzed, the only ones considered  good in this movie soundtrack.

Today’s song is characterized by a biting synthesizer’s riff which recalls Human After All atmosphere, making us hoping well for future works. This movie soundtrack album was also remixed, making a second version released this year, named Tron: Legacy Reconfigured.



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