Day 38: “Pillow” – Gardening at Night


“In order to obtain Gardening at Night, you should mix 3/4 of Squirrel with 1/4 of of Green Woodpecker. Then you have to add 4 hectograms of collective songwriting, a spoon of powder delay and a little granular overdrive. Shake carefully from 2006 to 2008. Garnish with a pinch of desert sand and spread the mixture on a sheet of rhythm and melody. Bake at 3000 watts for 130 bpm and the band is ready. You should taste it at high volume, with a malted drink.”

This is the description you can read on the Gardening at Night’s official website, a band from Turin, that has recently released a new video for the song Pillow, suggested for today.

Once more we talk about an indie rock band; Gardening at Night get their name from a song by REM, who are, together with Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr., Cure, Smiths and others, an inpiration for the music of this quite young band (born in 2006). It  is important to mention their recent participation at the music contest Torino Sotterranea, where they reached semi-finals.

So today we suggest the last and original video released by Gardening at Night, directed by Tau Lapirate, for the song Pillow.

Pillow – Gardening At Night lyrics

Sunday morning, I don’t find you

Sounds like a warning, but I don’t mind, no

Sunday haze, upon my face

And on the pillow there’s a message you’ve made

Sunday morning, empty bed

I find you only in my head

Sunday sun, you’ve just begun

To take away my fun, my fun

My fun….

External links and references:
Gardening at Night official website
official fan-page on Facebook



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