Day 102: “Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)” – Jimi Hendrix


The album from which this version of Hey Baby is taken was published in 1997, but had been conceived by Hendrix and his band in 1970. It was ready to be published when Jimi died.
The album is First Rays Of The New Rising Sun, his fourth studio work, whose tracks, all composed by the great guitarist, had been published before, but were completely renewed. This was a period in which the artist was trying to improve his artistic talent by studying hard, in order to reach a technical maturity which would him allow to express more completely. Unfortunately there is no video for today’s song, but I believe that this song is so beautiful and intense that it is worth to listen to it carefully and let the emotions get you.


Hey, Baby… where do you come from?
Well she looked at me and smiled and looked into Space…
and said, “I’m comin’ from the land of a new Rising Sun.”
Then I said, “Hey Baby, where ya tryin’ to go to?”
Then she says, “I’m gonna spin and spread around Peace of Mind…
and a whole lotta Love to you and you!”

Hey, Girl! I’d like to come along!
Yes, I’d like to come along!
“Would you like to come along?” she asked me.
Yes take me along, right now!

Hey Baby, can I step into your World a while?
“Yes you can,” she said, “come on back with me for a while-
we’re gonna go cross the Jupiter’s sands,
and see all your people one by one!
We gotta help the people out, right now…
that’s what I’m doing here, all about.”

Yeah! Yeah! May I come along?
May I come along?
May I come along? Yeah! Yeah!
Please take me!



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