Day 92: “Red Sky” – Thrice


Four guys that met in high school and skateboarding, those are Thrice, who count almost 7 albums in post-hardcore genre.

Today’s song is taken from their fourth album, Vheissu, released in 2005, which takes its name from a Thomas Pynchon‘s work, american post-modern and experimental novelist. The singer Dustin Kensrue was the first who read the novel titled V. and decided to introduce it to the other members of the band to use it as central theme of the entire album.

And Red Sky is an elegant ending of this successful album, definetly not boring, where you can listen the originality of this a band, which had created a very good work, both in lyrics and songwriting, through Radiohead’s influences.

Red Sky – Thrice

I know what lies beneath, I’ve seen the flash of teeth.
Conspiring with the reef to sink our ship.
The wind’s a cheating wife, her tongue a thirsty knife.
And she could take your life with one good kiss.

Can you see the sky turn red?
As morning’s light breaks over me,
Know tonight we’ll make our bed
at the bottom of the sea.

I know the ocean speaks, I’ve heard her call to me.
And smiling in my dreams she whispers this
(The stars retreat behind their veil.
The clouds are clinging to your sail.
The storm is coming can you see?)

Look and see the sky turn red.
Like blood it covers over me.
And soon the sea shall give up her dead.
We’ll raise an empire from the bottom of the sea



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